4 Days - Canyons and Parks

Departs: Las Vegas

This escorted bus tour from Las Vegas, will take us to the most known National Parks in the USA. We’ll visit the the Grand Canyon with multiple stops to admire the views of the Colorado river, at Monument Valley we tour with an local Navaho Indian guide to see nature’s creations and the locations famous by countless movies produced here staring John Wayne and Henry Fonda. The amphiteaters and the brilliant colors of the carved spires at Bryce
Canyon and finally the soaring cliffs of Zion National Park will end the tour.

From: $719.00

All Prices are per person In US Dollars
Child 2-16 sharing a room
with 2 adults

Customer Reviews

October 11,2010
לאלי, נינה וכל צוות משרד GET AMERICA
תודה רבה רבה על טיול קניונים משגע !
חזרנו לארץ ב-7.10.10 ולכן תודתי מתאחרת...
הטיול עם מרק היה מצוין. מרק מדריך מקצועי ביותר !
בעל ידע, נעים, תמיד עם חיוך והטיול "דופק" כמו שעון שוויצרי.
היה נעים להיות בקרב קבוצה מעורבת מכל העולם (ולהיות הישראליים היחידים...)
בתי המלון , האוטובוס והנהג (רלף) – הכל היה נהדר.
אנחנו נשמח להצטרף לטיול של GET AMERICA גם בעתיד !
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September 20, 2010


Myself and Simon just wanted to say what an amazing time we had on the four-day tour around the Grand Canyon and the National Parks at Bryce and Zion.

We loved that the tour went ahead despite their being only two couples, when most tours probably would have canceled.

A big thank you to our tour guide and driver Art who went above and beyond and really made our holiday extra special, with his expert knowledge of the parks and monument valley.

We loved the Wild West dinner show at Ruby's Inn in Bryce Canyon Art suggested, as well as the extra trip to the National Monuments - with the dinosaur museum, and were blown away by all the sights!

thanks again for providing such an amazing tour! It meant we could spend a few days in Vegas too!

from Honeymooners Lauren and Simon Chamberlain U.K.

Dear Mark,

Tour cut short leads to great adventure

Chuck and I made it home - but a few days late due to plane availability.  But I want to tell you that we had a great time on the tour.  You and Ron were great story tellers, knowledgeable about the sites and friendly even when we got fiesty. 
Thank you for sticking by us when I got sick.  I don't think we could have gotten sick in a better place, and I plan to write letters to all involved this week.  The ambulance crew came back for someone a few doors down, and they checked on me and then ordered another ambulance to take me to the ER.  Everyone was taking care of me and making sure Chuck didn't have to lift anything over his limit because of his recent heart surgery.  At the hospital they carried the luggage for Chuck,  fed him breakast and lunch, called local motels for rooms for us, got the social worker to drive us to the pharmacy and motel and took care of is baby while he was doing this for us. 
The next day we were ready to drive to Vegas, but had no transportation.  Ruby's thought they could get a car to us, but we had to take the driver back to Ruby's. While they were working on that the motel manager - just a young couple - said he would drive us to Ruby's.  Then his wife said she and her mothe, Nan, were going shopping at Cedar City and would take us to the car rental at the airport (which Nicole -the manager's wife) had verified was open and had a car.  When we got there the terminal was closed.    We all had lunch and they drove us to St George and wouldn't leave until they were sure we were in the car and on our way. We bought them lunch but they refused any money for gas or the inconvenience or taking time from their "Girl's Shopping Trip".     We met some wonderful people in Panquitch and even learned how to say the name of the town.  
We took the same flights on Monday that we were supposed to take on Friday and thanks to several delays in Atlanta Georgia, arrived home about 2:30 am. 
Sue said we missed a great park at Zion, but I think the adventure we had in Panquitch and the people we met, was more of a feel-good adventure, although I wouldn't add it to your tour.
Thanks for a great time and taking care of us.   

Mary Ann Birch
Kalamazoo,MI 49009


Amazing trip, the highlight of our trip to America

Dec 20, 2009

We arranged our honeymoon around the tour, going to Vegas first and picking up the tour there.

It was a great trip, we covered so much ground and got to see so much more than if we had driven ourselves and with it being our first trip to America it was a great taster for us. The accomodation was good too. We loved the country and cant wait to go back.

Although some places did seem a little rushed it was great to hear all about each area with a knowledgeable tour guide - Art and a dedicated driver - Ron, getting us everywhere on time.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone!

Mrs Pinz, UK


Dear Sirs

 We returned  home to the UK from a holiday in the USA yesterday and just wanted to thank you for an excellent four day trip to the Canyons of the South West.  Although we had heard and seen  pictures of The Grand Canyon, we had never heard of Bryce Canyon and what an awesome sight awaited us.   We thoroughly enjoyed the tour.

We would like to thank Art, the tour manager, and Roberto, our driver for their hard work.    We had a mountain of information from Art, and Roberto’s driving skills amazed us all.   We found Art information and interesting and so polite.  He always gave us time at places and thanked us for being prompt on our return.  We were never hassled and Roberto too, went out of his way to be helpful and charming.

Please convey our appreciation to them and our thanks to you for a lovely trip.

Yours sincerely

Alistair and Nina Bridgeman

David and Bernadette Spence


 We took the 4 day trip to the Grand Canyon and Parks from Las Vegas in August. 

Great tour, wonderful sights, informative and friendly tour guide, Art, and so nice to be able to view the scenery rather than drive for a change.  We took our teenage ‘children’ with us, even they found the trip interesting.  We have driven here before but saw things this time we missed on our own, and Art’s enthusiasm for the area and it’s history made it even better.  Thanks again,

Joe & Margaret


Dear Nina,

We're back home now from our second trip to the USA, which began with your 4 day Canyons Tour. I thought you would like to know that it was absolutely wonderful and exceeded our wildest imaginings.

My wife had wanted to see the Grand Canyon since she was 10 years old, when she was fascinated by photographs in the National Geographic Magazine.

Mark Anthony was a superb Tour Director and was most considerate and thoughtful….....…..

Anyway, we are two very satisfied customers and can't wait to see our photographs! Thanks again for a superb trip well organized, and we wish your company every success in the future.

We would happily recommend you to anyone who should ask.

With kind regards,
Gordon Hill
United Kingdom


Thanks for a great 4 day tour of the Canyons. Excellent start to our Vegas
holiday. Thanks also to Mark Antony who did a fine job as tour


Nev Alibone

Dears Sirs,

We recently had the good fortune to book the Las vegas to the Canyons tour with Art Chesmore.At first we were a bit surprised by the size of the bus as we were expecting something bigger. However this turned out to be an advantage as Art could not have been more accommodating.

He was happy to listen to everyone’s requests and pleased us all by being so helpful. ( Up at dawn for the sunrise at the grand Canyon and also ready to collect us from the restaurant at 9:00pm.

On top of that he is a mine of information on history, agriculture, geology, and all the natural sciences. A great asset to your organization, who has given us lots of wonderful memories.

Thanks again,

Ken & Pam Dove
United Kingdom

Good Morning,

We just got back from the 4 day tour of the canyons,leaving from Las Vegas. It was the best
vacation we have ever had. Your Tour Guide, Mark Anthony, was absolutely outstanding. We don't have any
plans in the near future, but if we do , we will certainly look at what you have to offer before we make any plans.
Thanks for a great time

Bob Haley & Paul Turnberg
United States


Just wanted to thank You for an absolutely wonderful trip in September. After 8 great days in Las Vegas we thought things could not get better… but it did with your 4 days canyons and parks tour.

The guide Mark Anthony and the bus driver were both very helpful and a lot of fun.

To see The Grand Canyon, Monument Valley , Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon was a dream coming true. Especially driving around Monument Valley with a native Navajo Indian as a guide and with red dust all over us, was an amazing experience we never will forget.

Kind regards from

Carsten Andersen and Marissa Westergaard

Copenhagen , Denmark